GPSI President Ernest Kolly launches Think Big Start Small

President of the Green Party Solomon Islands and candidate for the Gao-Bugotu Constituency, Ernest Kolly, is driving a development policy remarkably different to the other parties.

Think Big Start Small aims to set realistic and sustainable development goals that will bring prosperity for all Solomon Islanders, not just a few. Kolly brings to the table decades of experience working in and teaching environmental health.

“Development policy within the country’s 50 constituencies must appropriate for the community, sustainable for the environment and utilising available resources to kick-start projects.

“By protecting the country’s natural resources and creating sustainable industries, we can create opportunities for secure and fulfilling employment for Solomon Islanders.”

Kolly takes inspiration from an initiative underway by the youths of Poro village in Gao-Bugotu Constituency venturing into a solar-powered fisheries project.

“We’re blessed with beautiful islands with white sandy beaches and turquoise seas full of marine life. We don’t need a million dollars to put up a bungalow homestay. We just need to promote community-based marine conservation and so forth to attract tourists.”

Kolly advocates protecting Solomon Islands forests from logging activities, and embracing eco-tourism and carbon trading as the way of the future. Kolly said the amount of money that Solomon Islands would gain from conserving its forests would triple the amount derived from logging in 10 to 30 years and therefore the country should seriously consider embarking on carbon trading before its forest resources are further depleted.

GPSI will be be running Ernest Kolly in Gao/ Bugotu constituency, Redlee Ausopa in Maringe/Kokota constituency, and Ruddy Oti contesting Temotu Nende province.

Kolly says “We are hopeful at least one GPSI candidate will be elected. It is important our voice is heard and we have a say in the highest decision-making body in the land.”

Working together for ocean sustainability

Presentations to the Global Greens Conference, 2017

Ernest Kolly, Green Party Solomon Islands

Greetings from the Pacific. The Solomon Islands is no exception to the impact of climate change. It affects the health of the ocean and human health. The storm of massive challenges facing small island nations like the Solomon Islands encompasses collapsing fisheries due to the impact of climate change, plastic waste pollution, ocean warming and ocean acidification. Our location within the Pacific Rim of Fire means we are prone to natural disasters and these too affect the ocean and our livelihood. As well, there is Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, logging and mining companies causing sediment run off into the ocean and the reefs; population increase resulting in unsustainable harvesting of our marine resources. And of course, pollution — plastics, waste oil from vessels and so on.

These threats to the fragile marine ecosystems on which small island developing nations like the Solomon Islands rely are threats to their socio-economic development and livelihood. Continue reading “Working together for ocean sustainability”

GPSI Secretary General visits Australia on Greens Study Tour

Green Party of Solomon Islands General Secretary, Charity Maitau Kaitfiti, recently travelled to Australia, as the Solomon Islands delegate for the Asia Pacific Greens Study Tour. Charity spent time in Brisbane, Byron Bay and Sydney, learning from experienced Greens campaigners about election strategy and policy development. Charity also spent time learning the ropes at New South Wales Parliament House, working with David Shoebridge, Member of the Legislative Council. Charity’s new knowledge and experience will help prepare GPSI for running in our first elections.

Here is Charity’s story…


Green Party to run in Solomon Islands elections

The newly appointed Political Parties Commission met in Honiara, 31 December 2018, to consider the application of the Green Party and United Party.

The Commission has approved the application of the Green Party Solomon Islands and United Party having satisfied all the requirements of the Political Parties Integrity Act 2014.

The national election is expected to be held in March this year.

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