Working together for ocean sustainability

Presentations to the Global Greens Conference, 2017

Ernest Kolly, Green Party Solomon Islands

Greetings from the Pacific. The Solomon Islands is no exception to the impact of climate change. It affects the health of the ocean and human health. The storm of massive challenges facing small island nations like the Solomon Islands encompasses collapsing fisheries due to the impact of climate change, plastic waste pollution, ocean warming and ocean acidification. Our location within the Pacific Rim of Fire means we are prone to natural disasters and these too affect the ocean and our livelihood. As well, there is Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, logging and mining companies causing sediment run off into the ocean and the reefs; population increase resulting in unsustainable harvesting of our marine resources. And of course, pollution — plastics, waste oil from vessels and so on.

These threats to the fragile marine ecosystems on which small island developing nations like the Solomon Islands rely are threats to their socio-economic development and livelihood. Continue reading “Working together for ocean sustainability”

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